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Senior AWS DevOps Engineer


Skill Set:

Senior AWS DevOps Engineer. This role is currently 100% remote.


Key Tasks:

•         Actively listen, assess and analyze requirements for current and unmet build management, cloud deployment, workflow, and internal customer needs.

•         Participate in setup, maintenance and troubleshooting/problem-solving of current AWS cloud systems; Part of this support is outside of normal working hours.

•         Be the point of contact, initiator and implementer for a range of DevOps responsibilities for multiple multi-site teams.

•         Pro-actively assess new projects using external vendors and ensure workflow, configuration management, and toolchain plans are in place and suitable for the company.

•         Create concrete proposals for improvements to the existing systems.

•         Understand the existing configuration management methodologies, assess, propose and implement improvements while maintaining development workflow integrity.

•         Develop best practices in conjunction with functional leads. Help drive these through technology development, integration, training, and documentation.

•         Work closely with the company's IT Team and external consultants to apply suitable policies and configure systems.



•         BSCS, BSEE, Computer Engineering or similar field desired

•         Minimum of 6-8 years of working in a software development engineering environment

•         Minimum of 2 to 4 years of developing/maintaining automated build systems

•         Minimum of 2 years of working heavily with complex configuration management situations

•         Experience setting up and maintaining cloud instances

•         Experience with AWS EC2s, Load Balancers, Scaling Groups, and S3

•         Experience with Team City and Octopus Deploy

•         Experience with GIT

•         Experience with perforce is a plus

•         Must be able to work independently with little or no supervision

•         Must have good written and verbal communications skills


Preferred but not required:

•         Experience using Visual Studio

•         Software development experience in C# and Angular

This position has been closed and is no longer available.
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